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Omena Historical Museum - An Encore to Believe in Faeries! Design and Build Your Own Whimsical Fairy House

Omena Historical Museum 2015 Summer Class Schedule

Leelanau is the “land of enchantment,” but you can take that motto to a new higher level when you learn to make your own fairy houses! Inspired by fairy houses of the coast of Maine and becoming a national craze, fairy houses are perfect for Omena. We’ve got the best ‘Gnome Depot’ for building materials here in our woods, and the entire village is chock-full of whimsy! Mary Loveless has been creating fairy house subdivisions in her woods for three years; she’ll teach you how to start your own. However if you want to sign up, you should start collecting interesting natural objects that catch your eye – acorns, pine cones, especially beautiful rocks (Petoskey and Leland Blue), pebbles, twigs, shells, bird feathers, moss, etc. Voila! Find a secret place and invite the fairies into your yard. Class fee includes materials.

$40/OHS member; $50/non-member

Limit: 10

Loveless Cottage13895 East Ingles Bay Road (off Omena Point Road) where the pink flamingos will greet you.

Mary Loveless lives in Menphis most of the year but finds her heart in Omena. She’s a retired magazine writer and current free-lance writer with no discernible qualifications to teach this class other than a lifelong affinity for arts and crafts and a winning way with wire and glue.