Driving Directions: Leelanau Township, which includes both Omena and Northport, is at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. To travel to either town, you’ll take M-22, a scenic highway that follows the entire Leelanau County shoreline. If you head to Omena and Northport from Traverse City you’ll follow M-22 from the Leelanau County line. It’s a beautiful scenic drive filled with spectacular views of the countryside and Grand Traverse Bay.

Once on M-22 you’ll travel through Suttons Bay and past the Leelanau Sands Casino. Three miles from the casino is the village of Omena, located on beautiful Omena bay. It’s a great place to stop and enjoy the beauty of the area, but if your destination is Northport continue north on M-22. From Omena it’s about five miles to Northport.

A quick note of local history: Shabwasung, Waukazoo and Nagonaba Streets are all named for the chiefs of local Native American settlements. Chief Shabwasung headed a group of 10 families living on Omena Point. Chiefs Waukazoo and Nagonabe, who headed bands that wintered near Allegan County, knew one of Northport’s early settlers, Rev. George N. Smith from his mission there and traveled with him to Northport.

If you love the water, getting here by boat is one of the most spectacular ways to approach both Omena and Northport.  There is temporary docking in Omena at Knot Just a Bar.  For longer stays check out Aghosatown Landing on our chamber membership page or by calling 231-620-2402.  For information on docking your boat at the Northport harbor you can call ahead to the marina at 231.386.5411

Traveling by air:The nearest commercial airport is Cherry Capital in Traverse City. Private pilots can land at Woolsey Memorial Airport, about three miles North of Northport. You’ll need to make local arrangements for transportation while in the area.