Waukazoo Tees

Waukazoo Tees has a great selection of Northport clothing for the whole family. We can outfit you for a day at the beach or a cool night by the campfire. Also check out our fun gifts and trinkets.

Waukazoo Tees is owned and operated by Mark Jensen who founded Jentees Logo Gear in 1992 as a two-person operation. Jentees designs and creates custom printed apparel and promotional products for businesses and schools as well as the great shirts, jackets and hats sold at Waukazoo Tees. Jentees is committed to providing the highest quality screen printed clothing for individuals and businesses throughout Northern Michigan.

Owner: Mark J. Jensen
Waukazoo Tees
111 S Waukazoo Street
Northport, MI 49670
Email mark@jentees.com or visit our website

JenTees Custom Logo Gear
515 Wellington Street
Traverse City, MI 49686